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This charismatic and acclaimed movie star in Europe has a distinguished career of acting in film and television, winning dozens of awards and popular success—especially in Germany, where he lives.

As well as starring as the Troja-discoverer, German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann in the Bambi Award 2007 nominated Bambi AwardDer Geheimnisvolle Schatz von Troja (TV-mini) he starred in the Grimme-Award 2007 nominated TV-mini Auf ewig und einen Tag [Forever - and another day] (2006), the story of a lifetime friendship ending at NY 9/11 and The Wall - Berlin 1961 (2006) [The movie was nominated for a global Emmy - Award

categorie Mini TV-series in 2007 and won a "Prix Europe" in 2007] on the fate of a family torn apart by the erection of the Berlin Wall in August 1961 which separated Germany in two parts for more than 28 years,

Ferch also played Jakob Gens, the jewish chief of the Ghetto police in Vilnius during WWII in the movie adaption of the theatre play Ghetto by Josuah Sobol (2005) which won the Lithuanian National Cinema Award 2006 and Albert Speer in the 2005 Academy AwardAcademy Award-nominated film

The Downfall: - Hitler and the End of the Third Reich, which also won the Bambi AwardBambi Award and three top awards at the Bavarian Film Festival.

Ferch’s other recent starring roles include:

the modern (christmas-)times-comedy Meine Schöne Bescherung (Messy Christmas) 2007,

the emblematic comedy About the Looking for and the Finding of Love (Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe); Nachts im Park (At Night in The Park);
The Seagull’s Laughter (Mavahlatur) which won seven awards at Iceland’s Edda Awards;

Der Tunnel, which won audience choice awards in Montreal, Portland and St. Louis Film Festivals, plus five other prizes across Europe;

Marlene, which won the Hollywood Discovery award for best feature at the Hollywood Film Festival; The Unscarred (Everybody dies); Grüne Wüste (Green Desert);

Straight Shooter
with Dennis Hopper; Tom Tykwer’s Run Lola Run, which was nominated for aBAFTA BAFTA and garnered 25 festival prizes;

2 Maenner 2 Frauen (Four for Venice); Single sucht Nachwuchs (A Single Man´s Dream);
The Harmonists,
which won the Bavarian Film PriceBavarian Film Prize in 1998, The Portland Film Festival’s audience award for best film, plus eleven more awards across Europe;

Tom Tykwer’s big-budget Winter Sleepers (Winterschläfer), which won eight film awards and numerous nominations internationally;

the BAFTABAFTA-nominated Lucie Aubrac, starring Carole Bouquet and Daniel Auteuil;
Der Unhol
(The Ogre) [co-starring John Malkovich directed by academy award winner Volker Schloendorff];

Küss mich! (Kiss me!)

Das Leben ist eine Baustelle (
Life is All You Get);
Alles Lüge
Wer hat Angst vor Rot, Gelb, Blau?;
and Wedding.

His television career is equally distinguished, with over 40 titles, including his recent role as Athos in D´Artagnan et les trois Mousquetaires, co-starring Emmanuelle Béart, Tchéky Karyo and Vincent Elbaz;

H2O Part II : The Trojan Horse.

Quelle: EOS Entertainment

H2O Part I won the Directors Guild of Canada Award 2005 for Outstanding Team Achievement, a Golden Nymph at the Monte Carlo TV Festival 2005, and gained ten further award nominations in 2005 in different categories (DCG and Gemini).

the television movie Das Konto (The Account), which was nominated for two Adolf Grimme Awards; Le Lion [co-starring Alain Delon and Ornella Muti];

A Light in Dark Places (Das Wunder von Lengede), which won four top European prizes; Der Anwalt und sein Gast [The Lawyer and His Guest]; the Adolph Grimme AwardAdolph-Grimme-Awardnominatedthriller Mord am Meer [Murder on Seaside] which won the Bronze World Medal at NY Festival 2005

and the TV mini-series Julius Caesar, co-starring Richard Harris and Christopher Walken, which was nominated for two Emmies.

Ferch played the Marquis de Caulaincourt in the seven-times Emmy nominated mini-series Napoléon, which co-starred Gerard Depardieu, Isabella Rossellini and John Malkovich.

(It won the 2003 Emmy for best costume).

He also stars in The Sands of Time with Peter Weller and Ben Cross and 25 other made-for-television films. [e.g. The Berlin Airlift, TV-mini, which won the Golden Camera as Best German TV-Mini 2005 and the Bavarian Television Special Award 2006 ]Bayerischer Fernsehpreis

He periodically appears as himself in the television documentaries Stars in der Manege: 1998 (funambulate act), 2002 (floor acrobatics tumbling act) and in 2006 horseriding acrobatics act.

and in Freedom2speak.

Ferch continously gets involved with charity projects. e.g. NINA-innocence in danger in favour of abused children, the annual Anti-Aids Gala in favour of the Anti-AIDS research,
he supported activities of UNICEF (children´s basic education in Perú), and of Quadriga, an organization dedicated to highlight visionary citizen courage.

He periodically supports "Stars In Der Manege" an annual European charity TV-event in favour of destitute children. In 2006/07 the benefit of Stars in der Manege was more than 3.5 Mio. Euro, which is about 4.585.000 US-Dollar.

He and his wife Marie-Jeanette , former participant of the Olympic Games Sydney 2000 (Military eventing) also take part in charity Polo tournaments, e.g. a charity polo game during the German Polo Masters in favour of the German children´s aid foundation at Berlin Finkenkrug in June 2007.


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Heino Ferch is father of a daughter: Louisa (*2000).

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